Making assumptions – may not be so wise, sometimes

We were on the way to work one morning, my wife and I.  She was besides me in the car, trying to catch up with her work, going through a report… something like that; and amidst the songs that were playing out of the audio system.

Without asking her, I lowered the volume, and then switched the frequency to some classical music instead.  That was to be preference each time I am reading, so that i won’t be distracted into listening to the words of the songs.

“You just switched, thinking that I would be disturbed by the songs?”, my wife quizzed; at the same time, switching it back to the frequency with the songs

“Well, that’s me when I am concentrating on something…”, was my response.  You see, I just made assumption an assumption that she would be better off in her concentration if it was some classical music, trying to parallel her habits with mine.  But apparently, she’s not to be.

Aren’t we all at fault in this.  Time and again, we simply assumed that others, our friends and our family members are like us.  And instead of asking them upfront on their preference, we make assumptions and start to act to on them, only to realise that they are way off.

The key is – communicate… ask, instead of assuming.  That way, we make everyone happy.

One more thing here – to be sure, I have known all along that my wife is okay with loud music and songs while reading at the same time (she’s just good at multitasking…).  Still, I wanted, unconsciously or consciously to ‘mold’ her to my style…


One Response to “Making assumptions – may not be so wise, sometimes”

  1. Escaptisa Says:

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!

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