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Driving – lessons to learn

10, April, 2008

Well, life has been busy, sufficiently busy to compel me to be on a more-or-less highly organised track of my life; so much so I have less time to write.   Anyways, begining from here, I intend to start another topic.  I call it, “Driving and life skills”.

Why this topic?  It was about four days ago, I was driving down this expressway, a long, straight, uneventful stretch of road, usually.  Then as I was driving,, I chanced upon the fact that we could learn to live our lives with analogies that we pick up from driving.  For instance, what does being on ‘cruise mode’ mean?  What does it mean when someone suddenly overtakes you, and cuts in just metres in front of you.  What do the road signs and warning messages along the road?  More than just for motorists to take heed of, I do believe that driving adds alot to how we could manage our lives.

Wow, you may think, John is going nuts!  Running your life with thoughts from driving the four-wheelers?

Hey, with analogies, we can all learn to better ourselves.  And with analogies from managing the steering wheel, it can mean a whole of life lessons that challenges us to love life, and love it more.


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