Service Excellence – be sensitive to unexpressed needs

We were having our dinner at this pizza restaurant called “Pizza Hut” just the other day. The service was never really that fantastic; with staff who didn’t really remember your request like needing an extra fork or spoon, with staff who assured you they would checked if your food was prepared, and then to completely be out of sight thereafter. We frequented it about once every two months, possibly because it’s near to our home, and the food was not too bad. What happened at the most recent dinner took us by surprise… a pleasant surprise…

The restaurant happened to be pretty packed that night. So, we left our contact for the restaurant to call us while we went shopping instead of training our patience, waiting there. After about 45 minutes, we received a call that a table was finally available for us. While ordering our food, the waitress heard my boy coughing a little. She was quick to ask, “Would you like me to get your boy a lukewarm glass of water?” My wife gladly agreed to it. Whatever that had happened since the last time we visited it (about two months ago) was definitely positive. Perhaps, the staff had been trained; or that there was a change in the staffing. This lady was sensitive even to the little coughs coming from my boy, and she immediately addressed that. Well, good things do happen twice…let me explain.

While we were having our food, the library books we borrowed fell on the floor. From a little distance away, another waitress noticed it, and spontaneously walked very quickly to help my wife, put them back into the plastic bag; all those while with a very nice smile.

Service itself is merely serving the customers and meeting their needs. With the extra word, “excellence”, it means going out of the way to be sensitive to customers’ unexpressed needs, and attending to them gladly. We did not request for the lukewarm drink, but the waitress offered immediately upon hearing my boy’s little coughs. We were able to pick up the books which were just beside us, but the waitress immediately came over to our side to help us. Now, that’s what I would “service excellence”, for the simple albeit very meaningful efforts they put in.


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