On cruise mode…

Most of the time in the mornings, I have to drive along this expressway – CTE (a.k.a. Central Expressway) to get to office.  It’s a long stretch, pretty straight road that is about twenty kilometres long.  Being long and straight really means that I could drive at about ninety to one-hundred-and-ten kilometres speedwise.  I usually make an effort not too drive beyond one hundred, for two reasons.  One, I want to have a clear conscience with God.  Two, my wife besides me will start nagging if I do (ha…ha…ha…).  Well, sometimes, I do drive at one-hundred-and-ten, either to jab at my wife or when I am in a real hurry.  But I do make sure that I am good distance from the car in front of me.  Never tailgate another car – that’s my policy no matter how much I need to hurry.  Nevertheless, on such a road – long, unwinding and broad – and driving on a constant speed, we call it going into a cruise mode.

Hmmm, what does being on cruise mode mean to a driver?  He’s merely fixing his gaze on the stretch ahead with his footing on an acceleration which is constant.  Mindwise, he may start to drift in and out of thoughts of sorts, whilst listening to the music or news on radio, talking to his partner next to him, sometimes even talking on the phone (better be on earpiece!).  Put it shortly, only half the concentration is utilised on the road as being on cruise mode means it is relatively safe.

What does this mean when one’s life is on cruise mode?  Sounds similar to that of driving, ya?  While on cruise mode, your life becomes very much usual, with not much excitement, everything seems usual and even to the point of being ‘boring’.  On cruise mode, you may even take things for granted – expecting everything to be the same as usual.  You walk into office in the morning, get your work done.  At the close of the day, you slowly, methodically and unconsciously switch off your computer system, pick up you bag and leave, some of us even leave without attempting to neaten our office desk.

As a Christian, being on cruise mode can be risky!  We may take life with so much ease that we forget how to appreciate God.  We pray with the usual prayer; we say grace before meal with the usual words, that become engraved in our mind, so that we utter it without careful thoughts of what we say.  We say “I pray for you” to friends who share with us their woes, and then forgettting to pray for them thereafter.  At worse, on cruise mode, I drive on cruise mode with a speed of one-hundred-and-ten, leaving God behind me, thinking and deciding that I should make major decisions without Him prompting me to the right path or to the next appropriate step.

Isn’t that what life means?  On cruise mode, the risk of taking life for granted slips in.  Our walk with God gradually becomes nonchalant.  We may even sometimes feel that life is ‘meaningless’.  Now,  God’s presence and His love for us should give us clear directions and much excitement and happiness.  Seeking His will and moving in His will should give us joy and peace.  But on cruise mode, we sometimes forget to seek His will.  We forget to abide by what He wants us to do.

Life in cruise mode… sigh…



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