Hello, to my readers…

John, the adult trainer

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Hi, my greetings to all who have been coming back to check for the latest, or to you who have just chanced upon it. I hope you have enjoyed the write-ups so far. By all means, use the analogies, stories or real life experiences that I have here if you happen to be training, teaching or presenting on related topics / lessons. As a trainer, I love to impart my knowledge and skills… yea! But I must qualify that I still have alot to learn, and I wait to learn from many of you who are reading my stuffs here.

I have included another category – Quotable Quotes. These are my own quotes, which came about each time I ponder on related issues.


One Response to “Hello, to my readers…”

  1. Armand Rousso Says:

    Teachers also do have to keep on learning ……..

    Armand Rousso

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