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The Singapore Marathon 2007

18, September, 2007

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With a coundown to 74 days before the run, my knee cap injuries seem to be acting upon me again… sigh… 😦

I took a complete break from jogging last week due to the injuries, and religiously took the Procosa II (USANA’s brand of Glaucosamin. This supplement would have been effective if not for my over-zealous practice for those few weeks. So, my friends said, “John, acknowledge and accept your age…”; well, I have to, I suppose.

Anyways, for the many of us who are jogging (or running fast) for the marathon, do remember to build up to it. Generally, the doctor has given the advice that in our jogs, we must not exceed the 170-heartbeat mark. It’s wise to heed the advice. To know your heartbeat rate, perhaps, it’s good to get a watch that tells your heartbeat as you jog. the known brand that has this – oregon scientific. If you carry a DBS credit card, you could even purchase it online. Check this up – DBSMe Singapore

If you are not running for that day, but would like to help up those who are, you may want to become a volunteer. I understand they open registration for volunteers from 18 September 2007. check the site – Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007 (Volunteers Needed).

If you are running, it may be good to check up the route, perhap seven to jog through it, and get a feel of the distance you are going for – 10-km, 21-km or the full marathon of 42-km. The website for the marathon lists suggestions of venues that we could go to for the training. Check this up – The Training Spots.

Above all, let us all have fun… and I hope to recover fast from my knee-cap injuries and start my practice again.


The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – 2 December 2007

13, September, 2007

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The much awaited Singapore Marathon is coming; something like two and a half months away.

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007

I have already registered for the run, but only the shortest possible 10-km run. Nah, I am not ready for the half (21-km) or full (42-km) run; as I have not run for many years due to a sustained injury (on both my knee caps). I only started my jog sometime in March this year.

Well, if I am okay with this run, I will pursue for the 21-km next year.

Long distance running pushes the elements of perserverence and focus, and in life skills development, alot has to do with these two elements. So, if you have not tried long-distance running, go for it – it helps you tremendously in your ‘life growth’; one of the lessons – the 4.5km jog

Going the Extra Mile!

11, September, 2007

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The phrase has been used far too many times, we dwell on it in customer service excellence training … but what exactly does it mean – “going the extra mile”?

For the many of us in service line, it simply means that you extend the level of service that is beyond the normal expectation of your customers.

“Cool… I could do that easily.” You may say. But think again, “Going the extra mile” for the customer who is totally upset with you (or your company) for the service failure that occurred sometime back – can you do that?

It is easy to please the customer when he is nice or polite to you – well, we understand it as the law of reciprocity. But to be nice to someone, and to go beyond your usual good service when that guy is throwing alot of nastiness at you… now, if you are able to do that, I must say you are really into service excellence.

We must be mindful that service excellence performed at the time when there is a general air of good mood is fine; but service excellence performed at the crisis stage when the customer is yelling at you and wanting to report your company to Case Trust – that is great service. That customer will certainly remember you as one of the great guys. All of us must learn that; all of us service folks must attain that level, which I must say, demands lots of experience, lots of encounters so that you are given every opportunity to polish yourself up. No longer is it textbook-learning; IT IS LEARNING SERVICE EXCELLENCE THROUGH LIFE EXPERIENCE!

Service excellence… or service lacking

3, September, 2007

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You probably notice by now that the number of articles related to ‘service’ is increasing. In a way, it is a reflection that service is an important element, which sadly, is not a prioirty in alot of service outlets. And I am talking about it in the Singapore context.

The world is talking about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), about the importance of personal customer touch. I definitely agree to it. However, if the engine is malfunctioning, let’s fix the engine before you consider ramping up the speed of the car. Similarly, let’s make sure we could spruce up the service orientation before we introduce the key principles of CRM, with a set of tools. Tools don’t help if the human factor, the human touch is not there. The human touch pertains to how we care for our customers, how we put our customers first, hwo we could regard them as ‘King”; in so doing, we are towards achieving the essence of customer service excellence.

So, personally, I have been reminding myself about enhancing my service mindedness. i will press on to do so, even as I recover from failings and errors. Let us learn, especially from the thirteen-year old boy who served me at Jade, Century Square (in Tampines, Singapore) – Service, let us learn.