Be aligned, my friend, when you communicate

Recently, on the way from work, my boy (and he’s six years old) called and asked if he could exercise at the corridor outside out flat.  My wife readily agreed.  I was pretty amused and told my wife – “In effective communication, we talk about being able to gain acceptance from the other party.  We stressed on the importance of being aligned.”   My wife was wondering what I meant.

“Well, our boy has just used the right word.  He mentioned ‘exercise’; and therefore, you readily agreed.”

Isn’t this true?  My boy somehow chose the right word to use.  If he had said, “…play”, my wife might have disagreed.  Communications is key to our life.  In every corner, in every walkway, how we communicate is important.  If we are aligned in the way we communicaste with others, we have higher chances of being accepted and getting positive feedback.


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