Keeping your car in lane – Focus

Can you imagine what would have happen if a driver is not focused when he is driving? The result would be disastrous, not just to himself, but also to his passengers as well as to other road users! With this idea of ‘focus’ comes another anlaogy that I share here. This analogy could well be used in project management training,, leadership traning, or even a workshop on time management.

As usual, I was driving down CTE (Central Expressway) towards Tampines, where my office was. The expressway was busier than usual, and the centre lane (Lane 2) was slowing down to something like a 65-km/hour ride. I decided to shift to Lane 1 – the one that was to be freer and faster. As I shifted gear to move at about a 100-km/hr on this lane, that was just next to the divider, I found myself having to concentrate and focus more acutely. Had I not done so, my car might just hit the divider. With that speed, if it had hit the divider… well, I leave it up to your imagination…

Think about it, concentrating-and-focusing while on a fast lane happens alot in other aspects of life too. At work, you may just be cruising with the mundane work that you set out to do. However, do you realise that when you are given a task that may not be so familiar to you or a task that demand much more effort, your focus becomes more acute. You put aside other areas or you leave the other usual tasks to put in almost 100% concentration on this project. You forget about the idea of multi-tasking simply because this requires your ‘whole brain’. That’s probably when you will told your boss that other tasks may be delayed in view of this important piece of work. Failing in to put in full effort will mean that you risk not performing up to your mark in it. Time management becomes crucial. Playing a leadership role in this project also entails guiding others in your team; helping them to focus on areas that you have marked out for each so that they are able to contribute effectively.

Back to the drive, focusing on the fast lane was tough, especially when I was not (and still is) in the habit of being on that lane. Focusing and concentrating meant that my energy was ‘well-used’, the adrenalin was like fully discharged, and I would feel tired after that. I might even come down with a headache due to the intensity. yap, so it is in work. Managing a heavy project that I have to focus fully means that you will definitely exhausted and used. So, be sure to have a good rest. Consume proper food so that you would be nourished.


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