Drink the coffee to know if it’s sweet

Another analogy that I learned while watching a Chinese TV movie (a made-in-Singapore programme).  First thing first, let’s get names into the picture, for ease of understanding.  Four characters were in the very scene that I watched – Betsy, the main actress and her brother, Sam;  Her office colleague, Paul and his brother Dan.

In this movie, Betsy was pensive and disappointed over the fact that she’d misjudged Paul.  She was explaining to Sam – that she always felt that Paul was a disdainful guy, never nice to anyone in his office.  An incident had proved her totally wrong.  You see, he was from a troubled home, where his brother Dan, a crippled, was a highly depressed person, depressed to the point of being sucidal.  As she listened to how he tried to help his brother overcome his depression, she discovered the soft side of him.  At the same time, she realised why he was such a difficult person.  Who wouldn’t be, actually – having to manage a tough home crisis in the midst of his busy-ness?

At the point while she was disappointed with herself, Sam illustrated, “Betsy, I have a glass of coffee here.  You can tell and smell that it’s coffee, but you do not if it’s sweet.  You will know, only when you have tasted it.  So, to know Paul better, understand and perhaps help him, you have to really be a friend to him.  Maybe you should do that…”

Well, interesting analogy, ya?  And I thought sitting of the box (the TV, I mean…) is a waste of time.  It is, unless you watch with the mood to reflect and learn whenever you can from snippets of illustrations here and there.

Have fun, watching TV!


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