Building Trust… Enhancing Service

As I pen this title, “Building Trust, Enhancing Service”, you are likely to know what I am going to write about; and you may be wondering at the back of your head, “Hmmm, which comes first, trust or service?”  Well, it doen’t really matter.  What matters is that both are worked on, hand-in-hand.  I have a story here.  It just happened, on 8 March 2009.

I was at Harbourfront (the place in Singapore where we would catch a ferry to Batam or Bintang, Indonesia).   My boy, Collin, needed to have his eyes checked, to assess whether he needed a pair of glasses.  The school recommended this optical outlet as it was known to be one which does more than just ‘check-eyes-fix-glasses’.  It’s so different nowadays.  The eye-check in my days were done by professional from the eye hospital.  But now, the school are given the free hand to engage their own professionals.  I supposed this outlet sells their service to the school, and they are probably contracted for a period.

True to its words, I was very well-greeted by this guy called Benny. His service was good, or should I say excellent! While my boy was being attended to by him, another guy (also called Benny) helped with my enquiries, with regards to my glasses and my ‘kind’ of eyes. He explained that a hyperobic did not usually require glasses. In my case, it was different. my eyes were high with hyperobia – about 450 degrees, and so definitely needed to wear one. Besides explaining to me the details, he was also able to get the glasses checked – that my glasses were of 450-odd degrees, with astimetism of about 100-odd degree, and the angle for both eyes.

Back to my boy, we were glad to be given the good news that his eyesight were fine and he did not need to wear glasses. My wife had hers tested. And with the test, she was advised to have a multi-focal pair of glasses. Well, she happily had hers fixed at the centre.

I decided to part with SGD40.00 and submit myself to their so-called eye-health check. Interesting, the centre had several machines (five in all) – these were to test, separately, for cataract, glaucoma, proper functioning of the veins, the type of glasses and depth of degree, as well as the angle of alignment for my eyes, and also another machine to ascertain the depth of the glasses I wear. All the machines came up to easily SGD100, 000. I was tested eye-heallthy.. yea! While in the centre, I was asking myself quielty – how long would it take for them to have an ROI for the machines that they invested in, given the number of ‘patients’? In that one-and-a-half hour (approximately) that we were there, I was the only one who paid SGD40.00 for the eye-health check. In other words, it would probably they take them a long while to see the ROI.

But the crux is this – TRUST and SERVICE.

With the machines and the comprehensive services, they are telling the public that they have the professionalism and the qualfication to operate effectively and efficiently – hence, you could trust them, and ‘leave your eyes’ with them. With the very good service they provide, they are making you very pleased, therefore encouraging you to return, as well as to be their referrals.

So, how about it – in today’s context, good service is not enough. You must earn your trust. How to earn it? – show your qualifications, show your knowledge, skills and abilities. In the case of Benny, it’s the machines and the way he explains the details / technicalities of the eyes and the different types of glasses. One more thing – they are willing to part with the techicalities and the good knowledge despite knowing that you may not purchase from them – I, personally, did not purchase any glasses from them.


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