Six reasons why I would use analogies

Using analogies in training, presentation or even in informal settings, goes a long way to helping your audience understand you well and remember, for a long time, what you say to them.  of course, the key is that your analogy or analogies must relate with what you are trying to explain; or it may become something nonsensical and your audience will think of you as being ‘shallow’…

I have here six reasons why I would love to use analogies in life skills and service excellence training. If you could think of more besides the reasons below, please feel free to let me know, through the comments feature available below, or through whatever means you could to reach me…

Reason 01 – Humans, by nature, enjoy listening to stories. Analogies are actually stories, but told deliberately to express a moral or a lesson to be learned.

Reason 02 – Because we are attuned to enjoying stories, we tend to pay attention to what’s coming up. Analogies, in essence, spice up the lesson to be learned.

Reason 03 – Stories help to show the practicality of the elements in question. In other words, through stories or analogies, an individual finds a practical sense and applicability to it – not something too ideal for practice or adoption in real life.

Reason 04 – Analogies, if used relatedly well, enhance comprehension. No longer is a topic difficult difficult to grasp.

Reason 05 – Analogies enable an individual to pass on lesson learned to another, perhaps through using the same set of analogies. Of course, if he or she is motivated and is creative, he or she could use her own make-up or life-related analogies.

Reason 06 – Analogies enables a longer retention rate. Somehow, humans are wired not just to enjoy stories, but also too remember long after it has been used. Because they remember the analogies, they also tend to remember the associated concepts or principles.

Well, if you are have more reasons, do contribute, and I will add on to the list. I will certainly love to acknowledge your contributions, too… unless you ‘violently’ object to it…:)


4 Responses to “Six reasons why I would use analogies”

  1. Jef Menguin Says:

    Great entry. People will get much from your ideas. I also use analogies in my presentations.

  2. Michael William Says:

    Great advice: Six good reasons for using analogies in training and presentation! Another good site on using analogies is on the Teaching with Analogies Model. The model–like your six reasons–builds conceptual bridges for students between what’s familiar (an analog concept) and what’s new (a target concept). This model is used in lots of areas, particularly science, to teach students concepts that represent complex, hard-to-visualize systems with interacting parts (e.g., an ecosystem). It guides teachers, authors, and website designers when using analogies.

  3. Jared Says:

    Thanks for the advice. I find that analogies and stories are the only way that I keep the congregation from falling asleep. Hurray for analogies!!!!

  4. prakash Gadekar Says:

    I liked it

    And I woluld like to use it

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