Excuse me, the steak is cold

Service is simple… well, at least that’s what I think, feel and believe; just put yourself in the shoe of your customers and you should know what is or are required.  Unfortunately, experience tells us that alot of service folks out there are not as sensitive.

I was at Delifrance (one of the outlets in Singapore) having dinner with my family.  As usual we ordered our food, and as expected, the waitress repeated our order, and went off to notify the chef.  It was not that packed, so we kind-of expected our order to be met reasonably fast.   It was not to be so, though.

Anyways, our food finally came.  One bite of the steak was all my wife needed to know that the plate of steak was probably ready to be served possibly ten minutes ago.  Unfortunately no one did.  The steak was luke-warm, almost getting cold.

We told the same waitress about the condition of the steak, and she immediately left off with it, to warm it up.  Sadly, damage was already done.  My wife and I looked at each other, only to sigh…

It’s really simple, isn’t it?  If a plate of food has been left for easily ten minutes, it really means that a customer out there has not been properly attended to.  And if customer complains about it being cold, damage control should be in place immediately.  That is, service recovery must be in place to make sure that the customer is appeased.  Unfortunately, not for this restaurant.  There wasn’t a feel-bad attitude, only a ‘sorry’ that was made, and it was made simply because they were told – “the customers expect it”.  Yet another sigh…:(


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