I’m not too sure, but let’s test it

My friend David, was at a recent IT show, held at Singapore Expo.As usual, it was crowded with lots of gadgetry people trying to snatch good buys.  David was one of them.  He managed to get a 2gb micro-SD card at a price of 15.50 SG dollars.  Well, he actually saw one before that at 16 dollars, at another booth; and he nearly bought that… but here’s what happened.

David enquired if the 2gb card worked with his phone, a samsung model.  All this sales lady could say was, “I don’t know.  I don’t guarantee that it will work”.  That did it.  David walked away.  She blew to opportunity to make a sale.  She could have done this to many others.  In other words, she probably blew more than one sales opportunities.

Well, David enquired at this second booth and guess what… this lady at the second store actually took time to take her phone out, took out exactly the same 2gb SD-card from her samsung phone and showed it to him, that it worked.

The lesson is this – the first sales lady was too quick to brush off that sales chance.  She could have attempted, “I’m no too sure; but shall we test it out?”  With that little more effort, David and many more other gadget-hungry folks could have bought from her.

Was it time and busy-ness that she did not make an effort to do so?  Was it her attitude?  Was it a lack of initiative?  Well, for you to guess.  But the key is – are we missing out on more sales when we are unwillingly to help our customers.

Come on, let us all learn, including me, to “walk the extra mile” with our customers.


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