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The trainer speaks…

3, July, 2007

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How do you like a trainer who is able to entertain you with his charisma as well as with lots of stories, analogies, life experiences and anaedotes? I’m sure you’ll love it. And that is what engaging the adult learners mean when it comes to training or coaching. Whether it is about life skills or customer service excellence training, it’s not just imparting the knowledge and skills that you find in books. It’s not just about having one activity after another. Sure, you need those. But a really good trainer or presenter will tell you that helping the adults learn well and remember better really means quoting alot of instances, experiences, analogies… etc.

I believe that training can become more effective and our participants can remember better what we have imparted when we inject lots of life experiences, make full use of illustrations, analogies and stories. Whether it’s our or others’ experiences, as long as we are able to relate them with the right dose of zeal and passion (and it must be genuine, of course!), our participants will be with us.

In this site, I attempt to highlight some interesting analogies as well as share my and others’ experiences in life skills and customer service-related issues. In a nutshell, this site is all about Life Skills (or lifeskills, as some may call it) Training, Customer Service Training and Training Using Analogies and Stories. If you find this site a little lack in content, I beg your pardon… please bear with me, as this site is a part-time hobby of mine. I update it whenever I am able to.

I will be most glad if you find this site useful and would like to link it to your site so that your fellow visitors could gain from it. Here’s the HTML code –

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Have fun… reading my thoughts…:)