Well, Service Excellence in practice: I am sorry sir; our last bowl of ‘lala’ ramen is sold out.

Where I work, we have this new Japanese restaurant outlet newly opened, just about a few days ago.  It specialises in ramen (Japanese noodles).  I take my heads off for their good services.  And indeed I learn some good tips there.

My wife did an order of this spicy ‘lala’ ramen; only to learn that the last bowl of it was sold out about a minute or two before she ordered.  The waiter, followed by the boss later, came to us and very apologetically explained that it was all sold out.  It was a signature dish.  Disappointed, though not upset, she did another order, and was told that we would be expecting a wait of about ten minutes.

In the midst of waiting, the boss came around to chat with us.  We learned that this was his fourth outlet eversince the third two years ago.  The reason why he delayed for two years was because he wanted to make sure that he got his stuffs right first, both in the taste of his food and the services.  There were customers who complained that they had to wait for easily twenty to thirty minutes, and he just felt that he had to correct the adversities.

I told him that some of my colleagues were waiting for offer of discount membership schemes.  he explained that he was looking into it, but would not hurry; as offer of discounts could possibly invite more customers that the restaurant could currently handle, and this might affect its image.

Well, what say you?  A restaurant owner with very good services, and foresight.  Not ‘greedy’ in wanting an influx of businesses right away, but wanting to make sure that he gets it right with both quality of food and services.  I applaud his attitude.  In training, we stress so much on the need for excellent service provision.  And this is one restaurant where they practise and internalise the attitude of serving the customer well.  One more thing here –

The bill was to be paid by my UOB credit card,, as the lady boss told me that I would fetch a ten percent discount for the total bill.  It turned out to be her mistake.  The discount woould hold only for transactions of thirty dollars and above.  However, she admitted to her mistakes, gave us the discount gracefully despite a bill of less than that.  Good for her, and I hope this is an empowerment for her staff too.

Service is all about serving people well.  Service Excellence is a step further.  it’s about making the customers happy; it’s about making them remember you.  The little chats, the efforts to make your food right and service excellent before you think of making more money are ways to really delight your customers.  Making, but owning the mistakes by not making your customers pay for it, certainly turn a satisfied customer into possibly one who refers who you to others.  Empowerment of staff to make such critical decsions certainly help to drive service attitude to its apex of excellence. Keep it up, RAMEN TEN; it’s at Tampines, Century Mall; east of Singapore where I work.


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