When all else fails…

“When all else fails, lower your standards”

I chance upon the above quote some years back; And I was not too agreeable with it.

The “lower your standards” gives the impression that failure is because the standards were not attainable by those around you; that they are not as smart, or as capable as you.  So, as such, you have to then lower the standards.  But, think again, could your standards, in the first place, have been unreasonable?  Could they have been way too ideal?  Could they have been above the roof for the other ninety-nine fellows to keep up with you?

So, I rather have this –

“When all else fails, check your standards”

So. let’s check our standards each time we are faced with too many failures around us, instead of thinking that those around you are mediocres, and therefore you have to lower your standards.



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