You cut into my lane!!!???!!!

So, you’re driving on cruise mode;and you’re contented to stay on a speed of one hundred kilmoetres per hour.  Suddenly, there is this car that passes you and then before you are prepared for it, it cuts into your lane just about a short distance ahead of you, forcing you to jam the brake and slow down.  What do you do?  Take it cool, just pick up speed gradually and move on; or do you get fired up and start cursing!!

Is this part of life too?  As you move on with life in cruise mode, there will be unforeseen, unfortunate matters that you willl encounter, suddenly.  How you handle it will determine how long more you want to live your life (figuratively, perhaps…).  If you’re (or almost) always upset and angered by what intercepts the otherwise smoothness of life, chances are you will live a life with alot of grumbles, nags, hence alot of unhappiness.

Hey, cool it off… just like in driving when you will encounter these sudden cutting of lanes too close to you, tell yourself to be prepared and maintain you cool.  What’s more, alot of misplacement can happen from hereon.  Just because of your upsetness, you go to office in a bad mood, and you start to nit-pick on your colleagues or subordinates’ work.  You go home and you start to nag at your spouse or children who just have not lived up to youur expectations … and so on.  Well, who knows what’s next.

In retrospect, being forced to slow down suddenly wakes you up from the comfy cruise mode.  You reassess your position, analyse what’s ahead, and then pick up your speed again.  In other words, when you are suddenly offset and upset by sudden events in life, it’s not all bad.  It simply means that you’re given the opportunity to take stock and make good the next lap.  Take stock – yap, I covered this in one of my previous articles.  I am a firm believer of stock-taking.

Oops, better end off, lest you feel I am getting too preachy here…:)

God bless…



One Response to “You cut into my lane!!!???!!!”

  1. John Tan Says:

    hello daddy, you cheemology you. i know youre signed in idc HAHA

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