Starting your descent, down the cliff

My friend shared with me this interesting analogy, and I just thought I might as well have it here.

You see, my friend (Thomas) has become an entrepreneur; he’s been in business for about a year or so already.  He was explaining to me about the apprehension and the struggles he faced as he was in the midst of making a decision to step out and go into his own business.  This was the illustration he painted.

As the climber approached the cliff to descent, looking down at the deep end made him shudder, and he retreated.  Each time, he could hardly bring himself to do it, always fearing what could happen if he slipped, or the rope he was to hang on to gave way.  That would be tragic.  Finally, he took a great bold move, and started his descent, after much mind-against-mind struggle.  Once he started, he began his slow but steady descent; but hanging on tightly to the rope that was tied steadfastly to a huge tree trunk.

Similar to the analogy, he felt that making a decision to plunge was the toughest.  Each time he wanted to do so, he retreated when he thought of the bleak uncertain future ahead of him.  It was after two years of back-and-forth mind struggles that he decided to take his leap.

As a Christian, he knew that he had to rely on God to guide him, to give him wisdom and insight and to protect him.  The rope which the climber held tightly was the simile to his trust in God as he laboured in his business.

Well, thank God; he told me that in recent weeks, his business has been picking up; his customers are coming flowing in; orders have been increasing.  He has gotten busy meeting one order after another.  His climbn downhill was getting smoother.  He was gaining momentum and confidence, as he began to feel his moves becoming more sure.  However, he would still have to hang on to  the rope that would assuredly keep him from falling… as long as he held on to it…


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