My boy has finally arrived – enjoying his bicycle ride

Continuing the story… of how my boy taught me life skills

My boy finally managed to balance on his two-wheeler. And you know what – not exactly the way I wanted him to learn… well, I had to be flexible and varied in my approach. Well in this little story, I would like to describe the life lessons that I learned . . .

My way was to support him as he rode, from the rear. And as he stepped on his pedals, I would hold his seat fast and run along, hence hoping to balance him and at that he would catch the technique to balance after a while. However, as a five-year old, I should not expect him to immediately have the strength to push the pedal down when the bicycle was stationary. I soon realised that his method was to run with the bicycle; then, as he gained momentum, he would hop on the seat, step on the pedals,  and moved along.  This way, he didn’t have to exert too much strength initially to get the bicycle going. In the process, he also learned how to balance himself.

Now, what’s the lesson here? In training, you have to flexible and be ready to adopt varied approaches. Your participants are humans, and being humans, we all learn differently. Be observant, and adapt to different learning styles. Be ready always to learn from the participants.

As an experienced trainer, I find that I have grown in my effectiveness simply because I assimilate the knowledge and skills of all my past participants. In turn, my participants are learning from someone who has learned from many more other participants.


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