Life on a fast lane

I love to drive on the middle lane.  This is where the traffic doesn’t move as fast.  I am usually at reasonable speed of about eighty to one hundred kilometres per hour.  Remember my previous article – I wrote that there were two reasons for not wanting to move beyond one hundred?

Occasionally, I do move on to Lane One; this is where traffice moves pretty fast, often more than a hundred per hour.  When I get on this reason, it’s usually to rush from one poiint to another, either because I am late or it’s out of urgency.  I term this as “life on the fast lane”.  On this lane, I can’t afford to lose concentration (well, not that I can on the other lanes, though…heehee).  On this lane, I can’t slow down, as I will be slowing down those who want to move fast.  The result is that I will be tail-gated, causing the others to get made at me!  On this lane, if accidents occurs, they can be disastrous; frequently, you hear of cars bumping one after another, in a row of say, six cars!.  Looking beyond the car immediately in front of you is crucial (how?).

Reflect this to that of life on a fast lane in the world of homosapiens…

For some of us who are on a ‘fast-lane’ career path, life is certainly hectic.  You regularly move fast forward with little or no time to think back, reflect, take stock of what has been done, and how it could be better.  You simply move from one task to another, from one project to another.  Health-wise, your heart is constantly pumping fast.  The adrenalin is always flowing to jack up the energy and the ‘oomp’ you require.  You have not much tine to enjoy your food.  You just want to finish whatever that is in front of you and get on.  In fact, you are down, sick with flu, fever, cough, whatever, you may not even consult the doctor.  At best, you self-medicate and move on with life.  Usually, people who move on fast lane are high income earners.  They aspire a good life, with lots of money and big houses, car and ‘good’ food.  Yes, they have those alright (but wonder if they get to enjoy it).  Life on fast lane also means they may not have time for their families, which is quite sad, sometimes.

Well, after what I have said, it doesn’t not mean that we can choose life on the fast lane.  The key is – What is your priority in life – earn lots of money, get rich fast and have a ‘good’ life?  Or earn enough money and still have a great life ahead.  At the end of the day, I believe there must be a balance – life must be balanced.  How?  Well, I am learning to have it.  I am not a fast lane, though sometimes, I do so out of urgency and time-constraint (like what I mentioned – I drive on the fast lane for those reason).  Hmmm, I am still earning the same amount of monies… ha!



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