Service Excellence, let us learn – from whom?

Our government has cried out loud – that customer services rendered in public places are appalling. If you will just simply walk into a ‘normal’ (not the classy ones, I mean) restaurant, or shopping outlet, you will realise why the government has to intervene, by introducing programs to raise the customer service skills and awarenness. Let me, however, relate an incident that will leave you impressed, and for some of us, ashamed, perhaps.  Now I must say that this incident happened in Year 2005 (it’s now 2007 as I write this) at a shopping centre (Century Mall) located in this estate, Tampines, in Singapore.

Service I learn

The name of the shop outlet – Jade Gift Shop, on Level Four.  The fact that I remember this incident is proof itself that service excellence, walking the extra mile as exemplified here, do last, and you will remember not just the incident, but also the place and the service; most of all the fact that you will be a return customer.  I have been, since then.

I was going through the range of headphones when a young man greeted me with a pleasant smile, ‘Hello, looking for a pair of headphones?’, and asked if he could help. He then went on to show me a few of them, explaining that those were good, based on the expressed budget. I requested further for one with a volume control. He showed me one that cost about seventy dollars. I quickly, but apologetically, made it known that it was definitely beyond my budget. Albeit my comment, he insisted nicely that I try it out first, although I clearly reviewed I had no intention to purchase it. Yes, it was good, and his service and sales skills were, I must say, pretty good.

To cut the story short, I did not purchase any from the shop though, as none met the specification and the budget that I had in mind. Nonetheless, he said ‘thank you’, with a genuine smile, just as I was stepping out of the shop. I was impressed – for his willingness to assist, for showing me the products with no obligations expected, for his knowledge of the products, and above all his genuine service. Our Prime Minister spoke, at the National Day Rally in August 2005, about the need to enhance our level of services, in both the private and public sectors.

Let us learn from this young man. Go ahead and visit the shop. But don’t be too harsh on him. He is after all thirteen years only and enjoying his school vacation by helping his parents serve customers in the shop. If he, as a thirteen-year old boy is able to render good services, I don’t see why we adults can’t. Let us learn, from him, who possesses both the aptitude and the attitude.


One Response to “Service Excellence, let us learn – from whom?”

  1. Escaptisa Says:

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!

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