Nip the Problem, at the Bud, ya?

Here’s another analogy that we could well consider using in training, in relation to the title – Nip the Problem at the Bud. This came from my church friend. Yea, credits to him…

There was this guy at the foot of this large river, resting quietly, possibly contemplating on the serenity of life. This was suddenly interrupted by the screams coming from upstream.  He looked up and saw a boy screaming as he came down the stream.  Almost instantly, he jumped into the river, swam towards the boy and mananged to rescued him before it became a tragedy.

Just as he got him to the side of the river, he heard another stream, coming from exactly the same direction.  He looked up and at the same time, threw himself into the river once again.  He managed to save the second child.  By then, he was getting exhausted.

And again, a third scream.  Without thinking further, he jumped in again to save the third boy.  As he was hurrying to get the boy ashore, he thought it wasn’t right to have three boys coming from upstream so co-incidentally.  There had to be more than that…

So, as soon as he got the boy to the river-side, he ran all the way up the hill, tired as he was, to investigate.  It was up there that he saw this insane, burly guy about to throw down a fourth boy.  He managed to overpower the man, and stop him from his next rashful acts.

Now, let’s not worry about the ending (you simply imagine, okay?)… the key learning is to know a problem has to be nipped at the bud.  If not, recurrence is likely – just like the burly guy who, if not stopped, will continue to throw down one boy after another.


One Response to “Nip the Problem, at the Bud, ya?”

  1. Inhimeneimi Says:

    very intresting

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