Service is … being conscious of how you serve your customers

Yes, a great smile brings to all a feeling of being welcomed, warmth.  Added with politeness, and nice words coming from the service person, I would certainly feel good after a day’s hard work.  But it’s not just those smile and politeness.  As a service person, I must also be conscious of how I am to serve my customers, with my sensitiveness, my care and concern, my gentleness, and above all, my quickness to jump to damage control and service recovery if I make the slightest errors.  Let’s us all turn our attention to my next article, below.

We, about ten of us, had lunch today at this restaurant.  It’s a pretty known restaurant that started out great, known for its ice-cream.  I think it still is.  What shocked all of us was not the absence of the ‘smile’ or the ‘politeness’.  On the contrary, they greeted us very well, took our orders with pleasantries, attended to us with the right attitudes.  It was, however, the ‘roughness’ .  this became apparent when we were served the ice-cream desert.

Yes, it was desert time, there was a little confusion to what was served to each of us.  This friend of mine was served a vanilla when she initially ordered a macademia.  The colour and the presentation looked the same.  The waitress, in order to verify what my friend said, actually smelt the ice-cream, then gave it back to my friend, and said, “It’s correct… it’s macademia”.  Now, the irksome thing she did – she smelt it!  That was plain ‘roughness’ – what can I say… lack of social etiquette, grace, social manners, or what?

Then came my turn.  I ordered a chocolate ice-cream.  This waitress came to me with a vanillla-flavoured one and with a pleasant smile, actually pushed the ice-cream right up to about four to six inches away, just below my nose!!  I had to move back and said, “no, it’s not the right one” to it.  Had I at that point in time, coughed or sneezed… well, you imagine, I don’t need to elaborate further.  By the way, I reallly had been coughing for the past few days.

Yet another lady friend of mine – she ordered a chewy-chocolatie (hmmm, I think it’s correctly spelt, as in the menu) flavour but was served one that was different.  The waitress explained that the restaurant menu was changed, only to come back later to apologise and explain that she was wrongly served.  Wow, this is beyond acceptability.  Lying to the customer that the restaurant menu had changed when it wasn’t!  Totally unacceptable!

Well, as in my other write-ups, I do not reveal the name of the restaurant.  The purpose is really to help ourselves understand, realise and observe the fine, but crucial elements of service, not tarnish the image of the restaurant.


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