Looks like you need a little help?

What say you – Service Excellence even in this enviironment called hospital – where sick people like me go to?  Well, if we could render great services to customers, why not to patients?  Doctors and nurses depend on patients for their income, ya?  And if customers need care and concern, don’t patients need more of those? 

I walked into Block 3 of Singapore General Hospital and found myself faced with a two walkways leading to rows and rows of specialist clinics ahead of me.  I paused momentarily as I tried to make sense of which walkway to take.  But pleasantly, I was not given a chance to feel lost.  From the reception counter about ten metres away from me, this PR staff met the look in my eyes (she probably saw the expression and the eyes that wondered between the pathways).She actually walked out of her counter, approached me with a reassuring smile and asked, “Hello, looks like you need some help here?  Can I assist you?” “Yes, I am here to do a blood test.  And I trying to get to this laboratory”, I responded and showed her the appointment letter with the laboratory room number.

“Right, Mr Tan.  You walk down this row of clinics.  You will come to this …” and she went, while at the same time pointing to the walkway that I was to take.

I nodded in appeciation.  “Got it.  Thank you so much for help.”

Proactive service, indeed!  Now, who says that we who go to hospital are classified as patients needing only medical help and to end up with those distasteful medicine, without the nicety of service.

Hospitals now view patients differently.  We are also known to them as customers.  And as customers, the act of service, abeit service excellence must be explicitly shown and due care given to us all.  What’s more, since we are patients, we got to be treated with even more and concern than customers.  yes?

Thank you, Miss PR (oops, I have forgotten her name.   Now, it’s not good of me to forget the name of the person who so kindly helped me)…:(


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