Don’t say ‘NO’ immediately

Instead of saying, “No, it can’t be done”
Try saying, “That sounds interesting. Let me consider it”.
Instead of saying, “No way”
Try saying, “Let me see if it works”.
Instead of saying, “It cannot work”
Try saying, “I will see if it is possible”.
Instead of closing up
Try suggesting alternatives.

We homosapiens of this world have this general tendency to say ‘NO’ too fast.  We shut off suggestions, opinions and proposals that are alien to us.  It has to do with our comfort zone.  It has to do with the contentment of having the ‘usuals’.  The minute something foreign to us intercepts, we view it as a threat to our comforts.  Unfortunately, when we do that, we close off all possibilities, and even successes that may come along.

So, the next time there is a tendency to say ‘NO’, stop yourself, and consider the quote above.  Life will certainly turn out to be more exciting and meaningful when you do that.


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