It’s my boy again, and his bicycle…:)

Well, I have not written about my boy and his bicycle for quite a long while. Here goes –

My boy has been rather keen to ride. So, I took him out to ride as often as I can. I even bought a bicycle so that my elder daughter or me could ride with him. I am glad to say that he is finally quite good at his bicycle (for his age, at least… and from my own opinion at least…). He’s now able to ride on a ‘big’ bicycle; yes, bigger and heavier than him. Recently, I taught him to start off, stop and ‘stand’ his bicycle without my help. He was able to do it within a span of fifteen to thirty minutes.

My boy and his bicycle

Moral of the story – Sometimes, we don’t’ want to push one to be confident and good at what he or she does hurriedly. God has created us uniquely and differently. Some of us are fast, while some are slower. It’s alright – just give the person space, time and sufficient practice. But we must remember to provide the opportunity for development. And when the person has gained the ability to do so, that’s the time to move him further to develop the new skills. When the person is good at what he does, there is no problem in teaching or training him or her to do something more complex.


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