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Singapore Marathon 2007 – forgot to collect your REP?

30, November, 2007

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Good news for some of us who have forgotten to collect the Race Entry Pack. The organisers of the Singapore Marathon 2007 has kindly arranged another couple of days of these people to do so. The details –

  • Venue – SUNTEC City Convention Centre, Level 1
  • Date – 29 – 30 November 2007
  • Time – 9am – 9pm

And yes, do not forget your Race Entry Confirmation Slip and your identity Card for verification. if you still can’t make it, you could still assign someone to collect on your behalf – but he must have Letter of Authorisation from you.

And that’s it, the run of the year is finally closing in – this Sunday, 2 December 2007. Can you believe it, we have 40000 runners with 40 ready to set new records… WOW! Read the Press Release for the details.


SITEX Singapore 2007 goes green!

28, November, 2007

SITEX Singapore 2007 goes green

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I don’t know if you have heard it, but I just did… SITEX Singapore 2007 is going green – but how?

Well, it’s bascially about recycling your IT stuffs. It’s a really good idea to do so. Saving the earth is much talked about, and we should all play our part, especially alot of us who are very much into the world of IT. SITEX, held in Singapore Expo, from 29 November – 2 December 2007, will station large containers within Halls 5 and 6 for you to discard your unwanted IT products. And it’s not just green-focused; they are donating all proceeds to SPD, the Society of Physically Disabled.

So, if you have any IT stuff that you do not want (those outdated ones or those that are no longer within your requirements specification), perhaps you don’t try to throw them away or put them up at eBay or Yahoo auction or our Singapore Just bring it with you when you visit SITEX within these few days, and put them into the big containers. You “kill two birds with a stone” – go green, as well as do your part for charity, ya?

Adidas running gear at 20% discount – for StandChart Singapore Marathon 2007 participants

28, November, 2007

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Hey runners… have you already purchased your running shoes? I am sure your existing pair(s) must have worn out by now – with all training and practices for the past months. Having a good and light pair of track shoes is important when you are going for the distance.

At 20% discount, I must say that it’s a good buy. And not all Adidas or Adidas dealers are on the 20% discount. Do note that there are selected shops to go for. Just click on this link to look out for those on the list – Adidas 20% Discount

Singapore Marathon – Collect your Race Entry Pack at the REPC

22, November, 2007

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Talk about service excellence… hmmm, the organising body of Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) certainly uses IT (or MT – mobile technology, to be precise) as an enabler to service rendering.

I just received an SMS that I am to collect the Race Entry Pack on the said date / time /venue. Have you received it? if not, it’s likely that you have not updated you cellphone when you registered for the run.

Countdown – 9 more days to go!

SITEX 2007, Your Digital Playground (?)

21, November, 2007

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SITEX Singapore 2007

Your Digital Playground

Interesting caption / theme, ya?

I used to tell my friends that gadgets and computers are adult toys, and this theme / caption just drives home my remark! Anyways, SITEX, the last IT show to happen in 2007, is here again, since its inception in 1988 –

  • Venue – Singapore Expo Halls 5 – 6
  • Dates – 29 November – 2 December
  • Time – 11am – 9pm
  • As usual, it’s free admission.

Ranked as THE event where you get to see the largest display of IT products and services, it’s been receiving great attention, even from foreigners who travelled to Singapore especially for it.

I make it a point to do a ‘pilgrimage’, at least two to three hours over a weekend. This time, I will likely do the same. With cool, latest gadgets and hot deals, we should try this out; especially if you are scouting for a new PC, accessories or some interesting gadgets.

For this coming SITEX, you will get to see 6 new themes –

  • Automobile electronics
  • IT and new media education
  • IT for kids
  • Smart home
  • New technology
  • Business IT

And of all the other ssegments back by popular demand, there is this segment, home entertainment, which was noted the best (no. 1) Popular Pavilion in 2006.

I don’t know about you, readers, but I would definitely be keen to visit the segments on SMART HOME and NEW TECHNOLOGY.

See you there…. Singapore SITEX 2007.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007

20, November, 2007

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The dates are indeed drawing nearer, and nearer… for the enthusiasts of jogging, actually about eleven days to go – 2 December 2007.

The official site is refreshed with a a new post to remind all who have signed up on the Race Entry Pack Collection 2007 (SCSM-REPC’07). The is a must (mandatory) to collect it on the specified dates at the designated venue (SUNTEC Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 603)

Well, if you are unable to turn up, do send a representative to collect it on your behalf. Your representative, however, must produce the signed letter of authorisation, race entry confirmation slip, photocopied identification ard (NRIC) and a photo id. Any other details may be read from the official site – Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007.

For all who are not running for one reason or another, but are keen to support, you could be a runspirator (huh… what’s this?). Check this up on the official site, too. it’s not too late to register as a runspirator, and it’s easy – just call Cindy at 65-62738932, or email id –

For all who signed up, don’t give up last minute, unless it’s for medical reason. Whether it’s a 10-km, 21-km (half) or4-km (full) marathon, it’s got to be the best that you are going for. Go with a prepared state – physical, mental and emotional. By the way, have you gone for your medical checkup? if you have not, it wise to do so – tell the doctor you are going for the ____-km run, and he could do relevant checks for you, to make certain that you are fit for the run. Once you are medically fit, what remains is your endurance, your will power to overcome the tiredness. Once you push through that ‘certain’ distance, you will find yourself at ease for the next x number of of kilometres.

Here’s wishing success to all…:)

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007 – Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC)

1, November, 2007

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Hi, I just received an email from the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Organisers detailing the specifics on the Race Entry Pack Collection. If you have registered, paid for it, but you have not received the email yet, you may like to give it a check.

On the specifics, it advises on the following details –

  • Venue – SUNTEC City, Hall 603
  • Date – between 23 and 25 Nov 2007
  • Time – between 11am and 8pm

If you are not able to collect it, you may authorised someone else to do so, but do remember to print out the authorisation document.

The rest of the specifics may be read from the Singapore Marathon site.