Delivering a session on innovation

The essence of innovation in a company begins from within it; that is, the openness of staff members to embrace the concept, and then be willing to expand on the horizon of ideas and then using the ideas to form workable concepts

A training session on innovation 

The ideas and workable concepts are then put together with the constraints of a company (budget, resources, time, customers, etc) to see how the former could harmonize, or further worked on to harmonize with the latter (that is, the constraints of the company).


Training Session on Innovation


The session was also delivered to counterparts from the Asia Pacific markets.

It is good to have such training / facilitation opportunities, as it gives an insight to the diverse cultures existing in Asia Pacific


2 Responses to “Delivering a session on innovation”

  1. desmond Says:

    Yes, seeing why innovative ideas are often not accepted or implemented due to many constraints of an organization lifts my spirit.

    I agree that a learning organization requires learning individuals, the environment / culture greatly influences the amount of learning & innovation employees partake and share. As they say, EGO, everyone’s got one, it’s difficult to keep popping out of the ground with creative ideas & suggestions in an organization that beats you down 9.5 out of 10 times.

    So while the individual is the driving force and core factor, it’s the environment that determines if the organization would benefit from the creativity of the individuals.

    Your thoughts?

  2. John Tan Says:

    In retrospect, you have a point there, Desmond…

    If you live in a society which allows and champions the gung-ho spirit, you have a tendency to become more innovative. You dare to take risk, face failure squarely in the face and move on.

    Take heart, though… this environment is heating up on innovation (I think…) … just a matter of whether it’s fast or creeping progressively. Just came up in the papers a few days ago, that SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) is coming up with a search engine; hmmm….

    And the school where my girl is in, “Crescent Girls'”, they just tested a two-day elearning session; meaning, they actually stayed at home, logged on to an online realtime learning environment, and had lessons with the teachers virtually. Well, they have been accessing the net for homework, and submitting them via the net, too.

    And that’s innovation…

    Time will assist in the spirit of innovation. The key is – do we always want to play a catch-up game, or do we want to be in the forefront? Ya?

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