Light at the end of the tunnel

“I’m so stressed up and exhausted”, John remarked.  “I have been on this project for ages already, and the end doesn’t seem to be in sight.”

“Keep cool, John.  One month from now, we’ll be launching this product.  We are indeed at the tail-end of it.”, his colleague assured him.  “You will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Well, what do you think of this analogy, “light at the end of the tunnel”?  It’s used to signify that there is hope… the major task is nearing completion… what you’ve been working on is going to bear fruit, soon.  Now allow me expand the analogy a little more.  This came about as my daughter was chatting with me about an assignment which I was doing.  In one of the liners, I mentioned, “Yap, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  However, I’m at a stretch where there is water; and it’s muddy.  It stinks.  I have to tread slowly, to make sure that I don’t slip and fall, or it’ll be disastrous.  Well, if I do really fall, I just have to get up, move on towards the light in spite of the mud and stench on me.  But at least, the light at the end of it seems to be shining, closer and closer.

Now, I’m sure I don’t have to explain it.  You probably know what I am trying to illustrate from the above analogy.  If you ever have to conduct a workshop, training or seminar relating to perserverence, endurance, or something on going through trials and tribulations, this analogy may fitwell.  Have fun…


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