You eat when you are hungry… not for the future

Yet another analogy that I am sharing with you here.  You may like to consider using it for coaching or training, if it is appropriate.  In this case, I am relating it to contextual learning.  By the way, The credit goes to my boss who cited this analogy..

When you are hungry, you eat at this point in time to solve the hunger problem.  You don’t eat in anticipation of your hunger coming up tomorrow.  So it is with adult learning.  You learn what you require at the point when the circumstances call for it.  For adults, it just makes no sense to learn something which you may not need now, and you may need only two or more years down the road.  So, in building training curriculum, do remember to establish what is needed by the trainees.  Put yourself as one as ask yourself what training concepts do you require.  What do you want to get out of it?  How do I apply and am I able to apply what I learn practically and immediately.

Allow me to add something more to the analogy – What about consuming supplements?  You take supplements for future; in order to prevent your system from degeneration (if I may say) or to build up your systems for the future.  Now this would be a good analogy to use in the context of academic learning – where a person pursues a higher level of studies – diploma, degree, master or PhD level study.


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