Fish soup for you today?

Good service helps you to get customers… excellent customer service helps you to retain customers; and one way is to remember your regular customers, and their ’special needs’ – what do you think?

Quite sometime back, I decided I had enough of excessive carbo (food heavy in carbohydrates, I mean) intake. I intended to check my weight, in other words.  I went to this stall selling nice fish soup that come with or without rice. The lady attending to me was pretty jovial. When I requested no-rice to go wtih my fish soup, she jokingly asked if I was on ‘jian fei’ (cantonese, meaning on diet). ‘Yap’ was my light-hearted response.

Subsequently, on my return visits even until today, she remembers my request; fish soup with no rice. To be sure, the business has been very good. There has a consistent queue of at least five infront. But she remembers her customers and their needs. granted that mine was a little unique – fish soup that come with no-rice; but I do have a friend who often goes there too, and his order was not unusual, and yet she remembers his requests too. This lady remembers her customers. She’s cheerful despite the busi-ness. The fact there has been a consistent queue during lunch time shows that the service she renders helps in retaining her customers.

You may shrug off with a thought that the stall serves healthy fish soup that is nice; that’s why the return customers. True, but you can’t deny that her customers also feel good with the service they are getting from her.


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