Service with Excellence, even with your neighbours

We were waiting for the lift, my wife and I, with several heavy plastic bags of shopping.  there was this young chap waiting in front of us.   We don’t quite know him, but it’s okay… the fact was we were still neighbours living in the same block.

The lift opened and he went in, pressed the floor that he wanted and immediately rested himself against the side of the lift, without looking at us.  Just as we were about to walk in, the door nearly closed on us.  It was only then that he pushed a finger on the ‘open’ button, still not bothering to look at us.

Good naturedly, I said “Thank you”.  Then I had to stretch my hand with the heavy bags resting on my arms to press for the floor I wanted.

The young man, had unfortunately not learned to be self-initiated.  he could have been considerate enough to press open the lift to let us in, instead of waiting for it to close on us.  Seeing my heavy load, he should have asked what floor I needed to go to.

Isn’t it sad, to realise that service is really so lacking, in a country where we boast of high literacy rate and well-educated folks?

Isn’t it sad, when you see a lack of service in a person whom you could safely regard as reasonly well-off and, believably, have achieved certain academic level of studies?


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