Chilli on my fried oyster-eggs?

First things first, just to let you know what this foodie is, it’s fried egg-and-starch, topped with big kind-of raw oyster.  It’s supposed to be a Chinese (Teochew, I think) delicacy and it’s well-liked by alot of Singaporeans.

We went to this hawker centre on the Eastern side of Singapore, besides the scenic beach front.  The food at this place was generally nice, and the service… generally alright.  We decided to rest our appetite on this ‘sinful’ oyster-eggs.  Our order did not arrive fast enough.  We had to wait for about 15 minutes for it.  We understood, anyways, as the queue was long, and the hawker was pretty packed.

Our oyster-eggs finally came, and to our little surprise, there was chilli sauce poured all over it.  I had not asked for chilli…


I tried to explain that I did not ask for it, and that my family members would not take anything which is chilli-hot.  Then came the shock – the guy who brought the food to me said I did not specifically ask for no-chilli.  How was I to know that the order was with chilli unless I specifically said no to it!  His assumption had gone way wrong here…sigh.

A little lesson here for all service folks like me – NEVER make the assumption for your customers.  We should not put our expectations or preference unto them.  What is key here is that we are all unique individuals who have different preferences, likes and dislikes.   So, how should we ensure that customers are served what they require.  Simple – just ask.  That essence of communication – check with the customers to ensure that you serve what they like – is the attitude of service excellence that we must all know and practise.


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