Finally, I managed a 4.5km run

In order to keep fit and healthy, I resumed jogging about four months ago, after having not been on it for the past ten years (easily).  My reason for not jogging: I suffered from a bad knee-cap injury.  My doctor told me that my ligament has sort-of worn off.  Well, one of those problems of a regular runner.  In place of the runs, I was on swimming for quite many years.

About four months ago, however, I started as I felt that the pain wasn’t that bad.  I felt it quite obviously only when I am up or down the staircase.  When I run / jog, I don’t seem to feel it that badly.  Anyways, to prevent the pain from getting worse, I started consuming supplements – USANA Procosa II… it’s been very helpful so far.

I am not as fit as when I was in my twenties of course.  I used to pride myself of being able to reach a distance of ten kilometres after training for about 4 months.  But now after four months, I managed to reach only about five kilometres.  Nevertheless… it’s in this runs that I have the opportunity to reflect and learn valuable lessons from it.

For three months, I have been running at a distance of 1 to 3.5 kilometres.  I did not seem to be able to progress further.  And I was actually getting a little impatient with my lack of distance.  The just the afternoon before this run, I thought – if I would run a little slower, maybe I could then easily hit another kilometre.  True enough, I managed to hit that distance ths time round.  I realised that I had been running quite fast, so that I exhausted myself too fast.

Now this is an interesting analogy here.  In life, if you want to prepare for something major, it’s important to be progressive and calculated in your move.  It’s not wise to move too fast when you are not terribly familiar with what is ahead.  Just as in running, if you want to last for the next kilometres (or miles, in American context), you just have to go slower.  Of course, if you have been training sufficiently well, then speed and distance would not be a problem.  If you are already comfortable with what you have jumped into, then you could easily go full swing.

One more thing here – sometimes you should just go easy and enjoy the run and the surrounding.  In life,, there must be times when you should go slow, enjoy and reflect upon the God-given surroundings.


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