The story continues – my boy who has learned to ride his bicycle

The saga continues, about my boy who has learned to ride his bicycle…and again, it helps me to reflect and be trained on certain life skills.

He is now able to ride his bicycle quite comfortably, of course still applying his usual ways – running his bike, then when the momentum kicks off, he hops onto his eat, steps on the peddle and rides it.  Yap, once a person gets used to the way, he will choose to use it until such a time when he is convinced with another method and he is able to adopt it.  Otherwise the old usual way stays, ya?  That’s what we call, ‘comfort zone’.

Just a few nights ago, something else came up from this boy.  I brought him to this multi-storey carpark,, as usual.  After a few rounds, he started to waste his time away, and started chit-chatting with me about his friends, his school (he’s studying, or socialising in a kindergarten), his drawings.  When I asked why he wasn’t riding anymore, he told me he’s wants to go to the big playground, where he could ride on long stretches of the paths.

Don’t we all feel bored too, after having been in an environment, job or assignment for a long while.  We desire to change; we desire to move something refreshing.  However, when it comes to moving to another job or profession, that’s where comfort zone steps in, we are unable to make fast decision.  we think of the usuals that has kept us contented.  We think of the colleagues, some of whom have become good friends. Some of us may be at the crossroads – we desire to move, to change; but when faced with uncertainties ahead, we think twice, thrice… forever, not willing to move forward.

Sigh… aren’t we (not all,  though) like that.  Why? – Comfort zone aside, many will agree that one key reason for thinking twice, thrice, forever, is because of material possessions / obligations in our lives.  It’s either because of the financial tie-ups, we have properties or car loans to settle, or the fear of losing the material comforts that we are too used to having.


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