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Training myself – through reflection and taking stock

2, February, 2008

Well, into the second month of 2008 already, and what have I done so far? Alot! I have been kept busy, with only a little breathing space here and there. In fact, so well-kept that I have forgotten about this thing called reflection. It is the essence of self-reflection that enhances one’s life skills. It is in self-reflection that you become better in that which you reflect on. I call it self-training.So, just this afternoon, experiencing a dry spell, when I could no longer push on… my mind simply refused to focus, I decided to just sit still, and ‘listen’, really ‘listen’ to whatever that’s happening around me. And then I realised that I needed this time to simply reflect. As in Peter Senge’s five principles of Personal Mastery – forging a personal vision, pushing on in creative tension, realising your structural conflict, commitment to the truth and using your subconscious – using your subconscious is essentiality the perspective of self-reflection and stock-taking.

You see, when you use your subconscious, you are allowing yourself time to sit back, and think through what you have done so far – whether in specifics (particular to situations or events that have happened) , or generally (as in what’s happening to your life or what you have done in recent times). As you reflect, you begin to either justify or rationalise things that you did right or wrong. You should also stop rationalising and justifying, and objectively seek to know what have gone wrong (or not appropriately done), and how they may be done better the next time you have another opportunity to work at it similar things. In so doing, you are allowing yourself to become better.

As for me, allowing myself to sit back and ‘listen’ to my five-year old boy playing with his ‘hot-wheel’ racing cars, and the military toy vehicle helped me to see the light-hearted, carefree lifestyle in him. Yap, that should be how his life should be right now – having fun. I wish to have that too… :). I also had the opportunity to ‘listen’ to my daughter de-stressing herself, in front of the piano. She played Jay Chou’s tune quite nicely, and I must say I like it. As I also de-stressed with ‘listening’ to them, I began to realise that this simple activity brought back life to me. Life is not just work. We must allow our mind to relax, to think things through; to reflect on relationships – friends and loved one whom we have conflicts with, and seek to find out how we could ‘mend’ those conflicts.

By the way, listening to her playing it also brings out another principle of ‘using your subconscious’. When she first played a tune, she felt awkward because she was unfamiliar with it. As she pushed herself and practiced it many more times, she became better and better at it, until it became a ‘part of her’. The conscious effort in the beginning (of playing the tune right) has become a subconsious control (a state of the subconscious taking over). What happens from hereon, to become even better, is progressing with added emotional element in playing the tune.

Well, that’s it – Peter Senge’s principle of Personal Mastery – on Using Your Subconscious. Readers, life skills development begins here, and goes on from here; it does not end…till our last breath, on earth…:). As for me, i have the opportunity to rest, take stock and move on… as in penning down my thoughts here. Adieu…


In pursuit of 10-km quarter Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007

9, October, 2007

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The upcoming, everybody-runner-has-been-waiting-for-event, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007, happening on December 2.

Yes, I did sign up for it… yes, my plan has been to move on to 21-km run, then the 42-km run within these five years. Unfortunately, for some reasons, I may not be able to pursue my desired running / jogging distance. Not being able to pursue Plan A simply means that I need to have Plan B kicking in. That’s what it is in life. Neverthless, as a Christian, I believe that in all things, God has good reasons for allowing events, good and bad, to happen. Afterall he knows what i will go through even before I was formed! Read Psalm 139 (Click on it), especially Verse 16.

I may just start another blog to talk about why I am not pursuing it anymore – defintely some good valid reasons, not lame ones of course.

If you, my readers, have signed up for the Singapore Marathon 2007, I would ecourage you to push yourself to go and complete the distance you sign up for. You will defintely derive a great sense of achievement, whether it’s for the quarter, half or full marathon of 42 clicks.