The Finale of the year-long preparation – Singapore Marathon 2007

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Well, Singapore Marathon 2007 is finally over. For many, especially those who participated in the run, it would have been a time to remember for many months to come.

For most of the avid runners, preparing for The Marathon of the Year has been exhilarating. And culminating from it all – Singaporeans and the citizens of the world saw something like 40 000 runners completing the stretch of 10-km (quarter marathon), 21-km (half marathon) or 42-km (full marathon); with the winner, Kenyan Elijah Mbogo of the full marathon touching the finishing line at 2.14.41… just 2 seconds ahead of another Kenyan, Amos Tirop Matui. You would be surprised to know that this was his second marathon, and he won it! No doubt about – that Africans reigned in this event, as in other track-and-field challenges. Historically, the Africans were known to be super strong runners and if you want to know why, there are several sites that actually give you pretty good reasons for it – from livelihood to ticket out of poverty… click on this link – Why are Kenyans Fast Runners? You may also want to read, and then contribute to Yahoo! Answers – Why Kenyans are Such Great Athletes?

Singaporeans, not too bad either; The first man to come in was Daniel Ling at 2.46.31 and the first lady at Vivien Tang at 3.010.37. Hey, i would have come far far far behind… 🙂

Well, win or not, the real reason for us going into such runs has always been two-fold – to keep fit, and to set a personal record. For many of us, crossing the finishing line is a personal goal for alot of us. I particularly like what appeared as the last line of the report in Channel NewsAsia by Margaret Perry – Just crossing the line was a big enough prize. You see, it’s about personal mastery. It’s about fulfilling a personal goal within the realm of personal vision.

As for me, I did not make it there, because the doctor advised me not to run (not that I risk death if I do it…). I just feel, though, that I should try it next year. Let’s see… if I still have that strong desire for a quarter or half-marathon. I must also be watchful and make sure that my condition is not aggravated.


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2 Responses to “The Finale of the year-long preparation – Singapore Marathon 2007”

  1. Joe Says:

    A good post-mortem evaluation here – hmmm, so can we become like the kenyans?

  2. happygem Says:

    hello uncle john (: i’m using wordpress too =)

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