Special Press Report on Singapore Marathon 2007 (2nd December 2007)

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Have you read the special report on Singapore Marathon 2007 – which was published in the Straits Times on 30 November 2007 (Friday)? If not, you should try to get hold of one to read. Inspiring indeed to know of avid marathon runners ranging from age 17 to 77 years old! Well, read the summary below if you are unable to get hold of one.

Dierdre Grace Morgan, at 17 years, is training to be a distance runner. She has so far ran three 10-km races. For this third-time runner, she aims to finish it in under fifty minutes.

Christopher Tan, a 37-year old CEO of a wealth management company, has his mind set on the clock as he runs. As part of his personal goal-setting target, he intends to keep his run to within a time.

Tan Kheng Hua, our Mediacorp actress, at 44 is participating in the StandChart’s “Run for a Cause” – to raise money for the Autistic Association of Singapore. Her stand for distance running – “… runs… has never been about endurance, but more for a cause or about fun”. I am certainly to hear this from her. By the way, she’s known to articulate very well in English in the media circle.

Then we have this 77-year old Mr Chan Meng Hui, who has been running since he was 55 years old. He has done over seventy marathon races so far! An avid marathon runner indeed, he runs to keep fit, and his desire has always been to cross the finishing line, NOT WINNING. This year alone, he’s done five marathon races. Weight-wise, he’s proud to make it known that he down to 45-kg, from that of 65-kg when he started his first run. So, guys and gals, if you are ever into weight-watching, heed what he said. And yes, he’s also stayed away from deep-fried food and does not consume alcohol.

So, friends and readers out there, if you haven’t yet participated in any marathons, you may like to consider starting next year – Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008. Good time to consider and start to gear up for it, especially when you have not been running for a long while, or when your runs are only for short distance… like chasing after a bus which is about to pick up from the bus-stop or the MRT train… 🙂


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