Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007

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The dates are indeed drawing nearer, and nearer… for the enthusiasts of jogging, actually about eleven days to go – 2 December 2007.

The official site is refreshed with a a new post to remind all who have signed up on the Race Entry Pack Collection 2007 (SCSM-REPC’07). The is a must (mandatory) to collect it on the specified dates at the designated venue (SUNTEC Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 603)

Well, if you are unable to turn up, do send a representative to collect it on your behalf. Your representative, however, must produce the signed letter of authorisation, race entry confirmation slip, photocopied identification ard (NRIC) and a photo id. Any other details may be read from the official site – Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007.

For all who are not running for one reason or another, but are keen to support, you could be a runspirator (huh… what’s this?). Check this up on the official site, too. it’s not too late to register as a runspirator, and it’s easy – just call Cindy at 65-62738932, or email id –

For all who signed up, don’t give up last minute, unless it’s for medical reason. Whether it’s a 10-km, 21-km (half) or4-km (full) marathon, it’s got to be the best that you are going for. Go with a prepared state – physical, mental and emotional. By the way, have you gone for your medical checkup? if you have not, it wise to do so – tell the doctor you are going for the ____-km run, and he could do relevant checks for you, to make certain that you are fit for the run. Once you are medically fit, what remains is your endurance, your will power to overcome the tiredness. Once you push through that ‘certain’ distance, you will find yourself at ease for the next x number of of kilometres.

Here’s wishing success to all…:)


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