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Well, let’s us get back to talking about driving the attitude of service excellence to its apex. Afterall, alot of us are in service industry, ya? We talked about it in service excellence traiining; we learned about it from motivational speeches and presentations. Well, put it into practice – we should be serving people so well that they remember us, and then refer us to others – now, this should be our motto!

In one of my previous post, I talked about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). From a recent presentation, my colleague introduced five key words to me – It begins with COLLECTING your customer’s details – their preferences, interests, requirements as well as the disclosable particulars. UNDERSTANDING and this includes analysing the details so that you could prepare to meet their needs and service them more effectively and efficiently. Once you have understood your customers,, you could begin DIFFERENTIATING their needs and interests. In doing so, you are segmenting your customers and preparing to service them based on what you have understood and discovered about them. With differentiation, you may now begin to market the right products, to the right customers, at the right time. In doing so, you are TARGETTING at the specific groups of customers (or even the preferential, high yield individuals) with products or services that relate specifically to their expressed (or implied) needs. Finally, we land on the key word, SERVICING your customers with specificity and making your customers happy, as a result.

The bottomline of CRM is really about retaining your customers, making them return to you, because you remember their needs, you remember their requirements. You want a turn a customer who has made a one-time or two-time visit into a more frequent one – a loyal customer, that is. Every ones – that retaining your customers is chaper than setting aside a huge budget on advertising and mass untargeted marketing. I quote from Dr Nancy Rauseo of Florida International University – “It’s eight to ten times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain one“. Well, what do you think?


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