Going the Extra Mile!

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The phrase has been used far too many times, we dwell on it in customer service excellence training … but what exactly does it mean – “going the extra mile”?

For the many of us in service line, it simply means that you extend the level of service that is beyond the normal expectation of your customers.

“Cool… I could do that easily.” You may say. But think again, “Going the extra mile” for the customer who is totally upset with you (or your company) for the service failure that occurred sometime back – can you do that?

It is easy to please the customer when he is nice or polite to you – well, we understand it as the law of reciprocity. But to be nice to someone, and to go beyond your usual good service when that guy is throwing alot of nastiness at you… now, if you are able to do that, I must say you are really into service excellence.

We must be mindful that service excellence performed at the time when there is a general air of good mood is fine; but service excellence performed at the crisis stage when the customer is yelling at you and wanting to report your company to Case Trust – that is great service. That customer will certainly remember you as one of the great guys. All of us must learn that; all of us service folks must attain that level, which I must say, demands lots of experience, lots of encounters so that you are given every opportunity to polish yourself up. No longer is it textbook-learning; IT IS LEARNING SERVICE EXCELLENCE THROUGH LIFE EXPERIENCE!


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