Service excellence… or service lacking

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You probably notice by now that the number of articles related to ‘service’ is increasing. In a way, it is a reflection that service is an important element, which sadly, is not a prioirty in alot of service outlets. And I am talking about it in the Singapore context.

The world is talking about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), about the importance of personal customer touch. I definitely agree to it. However, if the engine is malfunctioning, let’s fix the engine before you consider ramping up the speed of the car. Similarly, let’s make sure we could spruce up the service orientation before we introduce the key principles of CRM, with a set of tools. Tools don’t help if the human factor, the human touch is not there. The human touch pertains to how we care for our customers, how we put our customers first, hwo we could regard them as ‘King”; in so doing, we are towards achieving the essence of customer service excellence.

So, personally, I have been reminding myself about enhancing my service mindedness. i will press on to do so, even as I recover from failings and errors. Let us learn, especially from the thirteen-year old boy who served me at Jade, Century Square (in Tampines, Singapore) – Service, let us learn.


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